Saturday, 22 March 2014

Respecting Diversities - #Holi

It was an amazing shining Sunday. We made a plan to go and celebrate the Holi in the SSDS temple in Nairobi city. We all took the bus and went town to start celebrating Holi and having fun, but some of our friends had to take haircuts and lunch before they could gain the energy to move. Well, after wasting a little time we reached the temple and ate some new foods – which were really amazing, there was a Mango with some Indian spices on it – which I will wish to eat again and again if possible. Then the guys brought some colors and started throwing on each other, at first it was a little weird because the colors smelled so bad, but we had to bare it. But, when I started throwing colors they really had to run because my attack was directly in their eyes and face. We continued this with the photography for a while and then were joined by some other friends so we had to also entertain him for a while. Then one of us got a water gun from nowhere and started throwing water on all of us – which was really weird. After a while then water gun was also broken, but the part with water is not finished two of our friends were thrown in water tub and mud which was really fun. After that we had to eat something so all gathered singing the same song and dancing while eating. Lately we found many school mates which were also having fun. I entered a Hindu temple for the first time in my life and got to learn about them and the Hinduism believes.  The last part was funny enough, eight of us had to come with the same cab and it wasn’t an easy task – nor for the taxi nor for us, and reaching school was the only thing we were worried about, so once we reached the day finished for all of us.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Trip to Remember

            This trip is one of the most amazing ones in my life, it gave me some memories to remember, some friends which I can remember forever, some wise words which will always help me in my life.  The thrill starts from the bus we were sitting in, thanks to our driver. Our first stop towards the trip was in Hell’s Gate national park where we had to see the beauty of nature and how it changes by time. Our guide was really funny enough; he made us afraid of the places that much that we almost lost the hope of going for the hike but once we started it was really an easy task. The most parts were plain and just normal mountains but the beauty of them was so amazing, the names of the places were really funny, like Devils mouth, Devils bedroom, Devils dining room and many others related to Devil. We finished it in no time and I wanted to go the hard part of it but because of the time it wasn't possible. We seated in the bus and went to our camps which were really looking small for even one person but they could hold two people with their luggage easily. After eating food we gathered around fire and started sharing some funny, horror and many other stories with many genres. In no time people started getting tired and went there camps to sleeps so I had no option, I did the same and the day was over. But it was really an amazing experience we learnt a lot of things from each other and many new stories, the memories are really amazing. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mt. Longonot Hiking

It was a bright morning, and we all residents had a plan of going to Mount Longonot with the school bus, well our bus was working on Kenyan time. We started our trip at 7:00 am in the morning and stopped at the beautiful views of rift valley, which were really amazing. We again started our trip towards Mt. Longonot, but after reaching there we had to wait for hours to get cleared to hike. At first when we looked at the mountain which was waiting there looked so huge and the way was really looking hard, but we had to conquer it, so I started my walk with the mind of being the first one in our crew to reach the top, but there was another warrior who joined me and continued walking with me till the end – but still I was the first. We made it till the top in no time, but when we reached there we were so shocked that there was a long way waiting for us, we had to take the whole round walk of 7.2 Km’s, so we started our walk again but this walk was much more easy then the other 3.2 Km’s because it was kind of plane. We continued and crossed many people in the way we found and there was no one in the whole way that could stand next to us. We completed the round and saw some people waiting for us to welcome us because they never bothered taking a round. After a long wait when people completed we had to start again going down, but this one was much easier and fast, I took like 10 minutes to reach down and almost broke the world record – but still there was a 20 minutes difference. All this was possible because “When going gets tough – tough gets going”!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baloch Trust on Federation

Baloch nations trust from federation is fading day by day, and it’s because of some facts, reasons, systems, and behaviors from both side, from Balochistan as well as from federation.
Crisis in Balochistan has not started in near past it has been there since the dawn of 27 March 1948 when Balochistan was occupied against Baloch will. After this incident Balochistan has never seen a peaceful time, Eras changed in Pakistan, people transformed, leadership improved, dictatorship was also there but every period have brought a more suffering interval for Balochistan and the Baloch nation.

Incident of 1948 was a huge shock for Baloch nation, they were depressed in those memories, but something went wrong again in 1958 and military entered Balochistan once again, Baloch nation thought that maybe its British army again like 1879, but they were wrong this was a full-fledged military operation against Baloch nationalists. Khan of Kalat “Ahmed Yar Khan” was arrested, his palace became a military fort, and Balochistan again went in fire. Nawab Norouz Khan declared insurgency against Pakistani state, but all in vein he was arrested and brutally tortured in Sukkur Jail, where he died at age of 90. This insurgency killed nearly 5000 Baloch nationalist and 3500 personals. This military operation left a negative impact on mind of every Baloch.

But it’s not over, in era of father of democracy “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” Balochs were against forced to resist against federation, and this military operation was worse than ever, Baloch nation united on some platform and that was insurgency. After the goriest war, Baloch leadership was exiled and Balochistan was left burning in fire of cruelty, this war ruined the trust of Baloch nation. The worse conflict of Baloch history came to an end with no fallouts, and the Baloch trust vanished from federation.
Takeover of Zia Ul Haq was encouraging for Balochistan, Zia Ul Haq ordered for amnesty of entire Baloch leadership and insurgents, and the only peaceful era of Balochistan was started, leadership participated in elections, Balochistan cheered peace, and the environment for reconstruction of trust on federation became possible.

But to leave Balochistan in peace for a long period isn’t involved in policies of federation, again a cold war in Balochistan was started in 1999 which changed into a full-fledged military operation in 2001 which is continued yet, after the takeover of “Pervez Musharraf”, Balochistan again went to fire, in this long term war situation of Balochistan became more worse. Those who believed to resolve the matter politically were forced to climb mountains and take their rights by armed struggle, and Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was one of them. On 25 of August 2006 Balochistan went too apart from federation when Bugti was killed in mountains of Kohlu, Nawab death was a huge shock for Baloch nation and a black day in Baloch history this day took Balochistan on point of no return. Balochistan lacked the leadership, some were exiled and others in jails and the youth left behind, followed the path of insurgency left by Nawab, and except of dialogues, they beard disappearances, tortures and killings. In same war Nawabzada Balach Khan Marri was also killed near Nushki on his return from Afghanistan. In no time streets of Balochistan were seemed to be graveyards. Baloch trust has been wiped out many times, but this time Musharaf policy was so change that he never desired that Balochs should trust him.

Government changed, military rule ended, hope raised, leadership returned but war wasn't yet ended it was just minimized for a short interval of time. Balochs have failed to recall that PPP rule has always been suffering era for them but PPP hasn't. Soon another conflict in Balochistan, but this time style was bit change, abduct them torture them brutally and through their bullet riddled bodies on road side. As Sardar Akhtar Mengal quoted that “PPP has fulfilled his promise with Baloch nation they have got bullet to eat, “Kafan” to wear and grave to live. After a hearing and a resolution by Americans on Balochistan, response of Pakistani nation was more shocking then the steps by Americans, all agreed on same sentence that Balochistan is an internal matter of Pakistan and US doesn't need to interfere in that, but no one asked that why Americans got the chance to interfere in Balochistan. But still Balochistan is burning, still people are missing, still bullet riddled bodies are recovering, and still the issue of Balochistan is an unsolved mystery.

The trust of Baloch can be realized by their non-serious reaction towards federation on amnesty of political cases of nationalists and APC on Balochistan. They don’t even trust the interior minister “Rehman Malik” and deny his offer by saying that neither he nor federation keeps their word and if the dialogues turn out to be successful, there is no assurance that they will be implemented.

Those who are sitting in Pindi still think that this war is going to be the last war, but they need to think whether the situation of Balochistan has gone worse than it was or use of force is satisfactory, they have tried five times to solve the problem with force and have got destructive results, in every next war Balochistan is pushed too apart, and they face more complications then the war before it. Why don’t they try once to solve it politically and if they fail no one can stop them to use force. As well quoted by Winston Churchill “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war”.

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. Still it’s not too late, just forward your hand and you’ll find thousands of hands to shake, trust of Baloch needs to be built again and it can be done by just two steps, agree that Balochistan belongs to Baloch nation and full fill there legal demands.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Dark Age In Balochistan

Welcome to dark age in Mother Land Balochistan, welcome to the age when there is nobody to listen mother's cry, nobody to clear the tears of weeping sister's, nobody to feel the revenge fire in hearts of brothers. Welcome to the time when people are deaf when Government's are blind. Welcome to the time when there is no one in this world to hear, defend, notice, care, and even show sympathy to a nation called " BALOCH "

This is all about Balochistan which is on fire which is the richest land all over the world but, his people don't even know that worldwide people enjoy meal three times a day. They even don't know what is happiness, politeness and others just they know that one house crying & weeping women's for their youngsters, one time meal just with a half bread and death in before 30.

This Is all about that land which Americans, Chinese , Indians, Canadians, and undersight of all developed countries in world. Balochistan is a land full of minerals, like, Oil, Gas, Copper, Gold and many others, Balochistan is also called treasure land. Now a days Balochistan is suffering from a worst time, because its economy is taken by foreigners like China and when people of Balochistan asked a little from their treasure they did a big sin and after committing this sin they started loosing their leaders like Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti,Shaheed Nawabzada Balach Khan Marri they got bullet-riddled corpse of their activists like Shaheed Ghullam Mohhammad,Saba Dashtiyari and even students were not save like Shaheed Yahya Marri, and Ahmed Baloch. All by the hands of those who are responsible for their security. Pakistan agencies started their guilty deeds from 1948 and they are continue till today,

This is all about a nation called Baloch and a country named Balochistan..


Friday, 14 February 2014

Education In Balochistan


     As me, you and everybody knows that education is must for a nation to develop. Because when jewels of knowledge are got from education we became humans. The most preferred issue all over the world is education, because when we are educated we can handle our every issue easily and by that , voilence and every bad deed from this world can be removed.
             Well my sweetland Balochistan, land of a nation said as Baloch is a little far for education and knowledge as theyall beleive is power, because of current critical situation of Baloch landevery Baloch is individualy talking part in voilence and war so there minds have changed and they plan to be powerful then to be educated.

              There are some basic issues , which keeps students of Balochistan apart from eduation and they cant get facilities of their real power in their own land, in these basic issues on the top is the situation of Balochistan which is playing a big role to keep students far away from education, on 2nd is the corrupt system  and at last is ignorant envirnoment which doesn't gives importance to education.

               Lets just discuss a little bit more keenly on the issues by which Baloch land is too apart from education. The 1st main issue is current unbearable situation by which students prefere to take a AK-47 then a dollar Sp-10, because when they feel unsecure so they are forced to pickup then matter reaches to life and death. Then after this situation they are named aas terrorist and terrorists are not allowed to enter in colleges or universties for education.
              Our second main issue is the corruption, which is giving teachers and professers posts to uneducated and ignorant people as farmers, clerks and even sheperds. These uneducated just pay a little bribe to districts officers and get these jobs, which even don't know what school means. Then schools and colleges are like graveyards no signs of humans.
              And at last is the ignorant envirnoment which also doesn't allow childrens to be students, they are given the name of labour and there innocence is killed by forcing them to work like animals. People doesn't believe that by education we can get something because they are getting daily a little from there children and that is all for them. There thoughts are not vast and by these ignorant thoughts we all Balochistanis are suffering from a such a werst crisis.

                 Well what our government and orginizations are doing for education sector in Balochistan, our governments have billions of fundings just for education, but till today no change have seen , the same corruption is also with organizations which are funded billions of $ for education sector but no change, matter is that nobody want change in this area, which is must.

                 I daily ask everybody, why all this, we are human beings, we also deserve same education as other humans are getting , we also want that we should be called ecucated as others. This is all possible, but if our leaders, polititions, teachers, students and all of our Balochistanis make a commitment from today none of our male or female should be left uneducated, all of our childrens belongs to rich or poor family should  be in school for studies. And the most that we should fulfill our responsibilities, after this all we can commet a little change on our land " BALOCHISTAN ".
               May Allah bless us freedom and power to built up a educated Balochistan for us and our coming generations.

                                                                        " AMEEN "

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

State of Education in Balochistan

Pakistan's strategic heartland, resource rich - known as a land of hospitality, the Baloch land is deprived and suffering from all sort of crises. Horribly mismanage and misgoverned by the Islamabad’s puppet leaders, Balochistan is only thriving in field of institutional corruption, appalling human rights violations, mutilated corpses and e and political violence.

The major concerns of Balochistan are rarely mentioned and highlighted Pakistan’s mushroom grown but biased media. A century old perceptions and rhetoric coined by the colonial rulers and current establishment is widely repeated by the media persons, journalists and TV anchors.

Along with other appalling issues education in Balochistan has and had always been neglected by the federal and Balochistan’s puppet regimes.

The recent spate of violence started in 2001 and escalated in full-fledge civil war has unimaginably resulted in worsening meagerly available education resources and institutions.
Indiscriminate military operation, condemnable killings and intimidation of teachers by armed groups, corrupt regime, bed governance daily protests, strikes and  growing insecurity of Baloch students, , law and order situations and violence, province literacy rate is falling with full speed. Students bullet riddled and mutilated bodies, teachers target killings, and burning schools and colleges has nearly stopped the wheel of education in Balochistan. It's not over, establishment and Islamabad blaming Sardars and Nawabs, has also played a big role to build up scenarios for students to keep them limited in their houses and not to allow them to continue their studies.

 Movements for freedom and sovereignty are lead by leaders always, and it's also must for survival of the movement but in Balochistan the situation is inverse, students are leading the struggle and leaders are enjoying, because of no experience and effusive temper they have no gain, nothing in sovereignty and nor even in field of education. It's because politics and war are not the fields of students but there emotions and love for their motherland are used negatively and are asked to leave education and start armed struggle.

 As a wisdom full  quote by Sanaullah Baloch that "How can a region develop when it has more soldiers than teachers, more garrison then universities, more naval bases than science and research centers? In Balochistan today, Frontier Corps (FC) cantonments outnumber colleges, there are more police stations than vocational training centers and more check-posts than government schools". Yes off course he is right, now a days Army is building cantonment board instead of institutions, and they'll soon get a negative result, because 3-10 years child always try to adopt that he/she observe more near himself, and they see Army and FC as their enemies and surely they'll start struggle against them and because of this education will get a huge shock and a huge hole will be created which will be so hard to fill in future.

 Education system of Balochistan is also dump, students are taught just Urdu language till 5th class, which is waste of time and is of no work, because there mother tongue is not Urdu and it's also not given any importance in any part of the world, and students are unable to read and write in their own language. Need of the time English is taught to student in 6th class and they hardly learn something. There are no any periods for extra activities of students. The main problem is that schools or colleges doesn't seem like institutions, teachers don't ask on absentees, everybody comes and leaves institution as his own wish.

 Let not to discuss other countries, and see can we compete with other provinces of Pakistan like Punjab has 59%, Sindh with 50%, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 52% and Gilgit Baltistan with 54% but why literacy rate of Balochistan has fallen up to 34%? Why is it so?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lucky Shahzaib Khan and Unlucky Sawal Khan

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. (Elie Weisel) 

Shahzaib Khan a young, handsome and innocent boy was murdered in streets of Karachi on December 24, by a well-known land lord “Shahrukh Jatoi”. But Shahzaib Khan was lucky that he got justice, he was lucky because his murderer was sentenced to death.

Everyone isn’t lucky, or a Baloch isn’t lucky when it comes to Pakistan. Nearly “10,000” Balochs have been killed brutally since “2002” by Security forces, Intelligence agencies and Death Squads supported by them. About “5,000” are missing and “982” mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers have been found, but no one has been hanged, jailed or even found responsible for all this, not even a single person.

When Hafiz Mughees and Muneeb of Sialkot were murdered, the whole Pakistan came out, civil society, media, bureaucrats and lawyers. Thousands of voices were raised from all over the country for them and they got justice. Same as when Sarfaraz of Karachi was shot dead by rangers in Karachi, everyone in Pakistan remembered his duty and raised voice seeking justice for him, and he got it. Keeping in mind that FIR’s of robbery were registered on all three of them. But where is justice for Sanwal Khan who was murdered in Much area of Bolan by Frontier Corps, where is FIR’s copy of his crimes, where can I find the documents who state that he was a militant.

Where is Pakistani Media, where are those who could block a road in Lahore, who could protest in front of supreme court for his justice, where can I find them who could launch a facebook page, or post some tweets in his honor. Where are courts, who could take notice of his brutal killing?

Remember Martin Niemoller’s famous statement and poem.
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionist,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Are Baloch not Human, or Pakistani laws of humanity doesn’t apply on Baloch anymore. Well, it’s not over yet there are more mutilated bodies coming, many more Baloch are about to go missing or even me, Please raise voice for at least one of them so a Baloch could say that I am a Pakistani or Pakistanis care about us.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Steps towards Independence

Pakistani state well known for terrorism, violence and cruelty. This is all because they never learn from their past, what so ever they did with east Pakistan now Bangladesh is continued in south Pakistan “Balochistan”.
People of Balochistan doesn’t have reach on basic necessities of life, more than half of Balochistan doesn’t get 2 times food, no clean water to drink, the natural gas which they own have reached 1200 kilometers far to Islamabad but still Baloch woman burn wood for their survival. Literacy rate the lowest in province as compared to other provinces of Pakistan and not even half of Punjab.

Baloch are always thought to be traitors of Pakistani state and they are behaved like foreigners, and neither Balochs feel proud to call themselves Pakistani. Balochistan was forcefully occupied by Pakistani establishment in 1948 since then Balochistan has been burning. They have suffered four military operations and 5th one continued. Many Baloch leaders have been martyred and the others are on exile. Those who are killed outnumber, but still nearly five thousand are missing and more then thousand bullet riddled bodies have been recovered from different parts of Balochistan.

Baloch leadership has always been trying to gain their independence back, and some asked for autocracy in Pakistan, but the situation of Balochistan reached on point of no return when Baloch veteran leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was martyred in a military operation in 2006 in Musharaf era. The martyrdom of Bugti proved that Pakistani state never keep their word, they can commit any sin if it’s against their interest.
The good luck of Bangladesh was that they became an independent state in one military operation but Balochistan has beard 5 full-fledged military operation and suffering, Bengalis were lucky that they got Bangladesh to go, but Balochs are not safe in their own Balochistan, they were having a great fate that there leadership was safe and Baloch leader are martyred, abducted or exiled. There fortune was honorable because they ruled their state and Baloch land is ruled by establishment.

The Baloch steps towards independence have been taken sixty three years before and have continued their journey towards independence, the way may be harsh, the path may be difficult to cross, but now it seems that they are close to their destiny.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Politics In Balochistan


           Politics is a game played by politicians and governments and I m going to explain you all about politics and its partitions of sweetland Balochistan. My homeland is suffering from a very bad time. All of environment is full of disgrace, rudeness, revenge, unhonesty and every bad deed and the most worst corruption.

This All problems can be solved if we get united politically but don't know why Balochistan is partitioned in many different politics group when there language, aim, crisis, rights everything is same. Well in Balochistan there are 4 different types of leaders and their followers.
1st one those who are satisified with current situtation of Balochistan and they don't want any change in policies about Balochistan. They agree on every matter with Pakistan and don't think to argue on any situation in Balochistan. Government of Balochistan is now a days in hands of the same leaders and polititions.

On 2nd are those who want Balochistan as a province of Pakistan but as a democratic province, in which Baloch nation should be given every right to be free and enjoy a liberal life. They also want total control of Baloch people on Balochistan. In this catogery many high qualified polititions but all of them are in crisis because of current situation of Balochistan.

On 3rd are those who want Balochistan as democratic country, totally free and liberal from Pakistan, but, by dailouge. They are agree for dailouge but just on freedom of Balochistan nothing else. In it some of our parties are involved but they are totally out of sight now a days, because of all done to them.
And at last at 4th are those who doesn't want Balochistsan with Pakistan, nor democratic nor on same situation, and they also don't wanna dailouge with anyone for freedom of Balocistan, just they believe is on power, they are using power of weapons to free their country " Balochistan " from Pakistan. In it people involved can't be judged and seen they just do, what they want, then they can't be seen anywhere.

So this is overalll political situation of Balochistan, but its so unagressive scenario for us, for a nation, for people and also for a sweetland. Why our politics is partitioned in four different catogeries, when our rights, land, language, thinking, food and every else is same. Why we Baloch making voilence each other when we are in a situation like this.

Well we Baloch nation should be on same path, same way with same aim, it doesn't cares that is we are satisfied with current situation of Balochistan, or not, we want Balochistan as a democratic province, or not, we want freedom from Pakistan by dailouge or by power, it doesn't cares because we are a nation called " BALOCH " and we all live on same land called " BALOCHISTAN ". Our power, rights, education, honesty, love , justice, care, trust and unity should be called " BALOCH " and we should feel proud to be called " BALOCHISTANI ". That's All....

Monday, 25 November 2013

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Struggle Till Victory

Struggling upwards continue to climb,
No crime committed but doing the time,
I am hurting,
You are hurting,
And the children they feel it too,
Don't know how I can continue living if its living without you,
How to stop it,
How to fix it,
I wish I knew just how,
Have to live it and to breathe it,
I guess there's no choice now,
We've been punished for too long now and it still just isn't right,
All were asking is for freedom and to hold each other tight,
Didn't do it,
We're the victims,
In this corruption that's been lived,
Will never forget it,
Never heal,
And I know I won't forgive,
There's an ending to this nightmare,
Yes I know its there,
I pray to God that we will find it,
And that the endings near,
I'll hold my pillow and I'll cry yet another lonely night,
Keep thinking of you,
And the struggles,
Can't believe we lost the fight,
But we will make it,
We can take it,
I know that we are strong,
Because you and I,
We know the truth,
And the jury, they were wrong,
But now I leave you with my emotions,
Scarred and battered in my heart,
The end is nearing,
I can feel it,
And Freedom
We will no longer be apart.